THE SOUL – We are hidden inside of things which we create

THE SOUL – We are hidden inside of things which we create
Nobody of our civilization is doubtful about the fact that everybody has intimate zone that should be closed for other people. But I know cases when people laugh at somebody who is too attached to his cup, his pen or his favourite toy. However native people and their shamans say that a protection of personal things has a deep sense: our soul remains on the things, which we touch and use…

Whatever we do, whatever we create or touch, all this has imprints of our soul. Not only our nails or hair are useful for magic operation about which literature writes. We are touchable by many things which we use and which get power from our soul or our “energy-field“.
Traditional nations speak about “presence of mind“, a state of Living in Attention. This condition of human mind is very important for them. They say that every illness and problem in life are caused by conflicts with unfriendly energies as being (uřknout) ill-wished or cursed.
People in traditional societies do not underestimate a sudden shock or being unexpectedly woken up because these are moments when a human can lose his soul. This is the reason why they don´t accept presents from strange people. They clean their houses and all rooms where they met strangers from strange energies. They organize a ritual purification of their houses and homes during different opportunities , e.g. before moving to an old house where somebody had died. There are still burial grounds in Siberian taiga where all belongings of dead people in bags on trees. Families of dead people do not inherit those things as they would stay in touch with the dead ones. People are afraid of ghosts of dead people and this is why they never steal those things from graves.