PURIFICATION RITUALS – way to the universal experience of being human and finding the spiritual essence inside of us

Purification rituals have a tradition in all cultures. They play an essential role in a healing process when it is necessary to clear a patient from the stress of trauma from our past, from the fear of future,  from various negative energies and  - what is most important – open our minds and hearts. 

The gate for commencing the purification process are our senses. Tools that are used for the purification process are special plants whose smoke deepens experience of the presence, various musical instruments such as drums, bells and jingle bells, whose vibrations open our mind. In this state when we experience the presence we are opened to love which fills our body, our soul and our mind and starts the healing process on all of these levels. We meet our spiritual essence and experience our liberation. The main message which this process brings is that we were born to this world to share such experience and to deepen feelings of sharing the unity. The journey does not lead only to purification, but it also Leeds to the Universal Dialogue and to mutual understanding, friendship and love.